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Key contact person(s): Phan Hang, Hoa


General information of the project and program which have ESD related activities:

Name: HIV Education Program

Goals and objectives:

UNESCO aims at creating the conditions to equip young people with knowledge, skills to prevent for HIV and to reduce stigma to PLWH through interventions in policy development, curriculum development, teacher training and non-formal education.

Donor(s) JFIT

ESD programs/ projects/activities


Name: Lesson Plans Competition Project


Overall Objective: To ensure that a larger cross section of teachers in selected provinces have the tools, incentive and resources available appropriate for a language or cultural context to generate interactive and factual lesson plans on HIV and AIDS.

Specific Objectives:

  • To create a resource website that provides basic information on HIV and AIDS, sample lesson plans on HIV and AIDS and the competition kit that encourages teachers to join the competition and generate their own lesson plans on HIV and AIDS.
  • To provide an incentive for teachers to teach their own lessons on HIV and AIDS to their students and to increase the knowledge of their students on HIV and AIDS related to aspects of prevention, treatment and care.
  • To recognize the role that teachers play in HIV and AIDS prevention by providing recognition to the award winning lesson plans.
  • To establish a website section that could be extended and expanded through inclusion of the winning lesson plans on HIV. These lesson plans could be downloaded by teachers interested in teaching lessons on HIV and AIDS.

Describe educational and learning methods/tools applied:

One of key criteria for this competition is “To apply active learning methodology”. Therefore a lot of different methods are present: role play, group discussion, word games, learning games, brainstorming, visualized lecture, etc.


Besides, since these lesson plans will be uploaded in MOET’s website, they are electronic lesson plans with powerpoint support, very much visualization with pictures, diagrams and also movies of how HIV penetrates into human body, how HIV develops inside human body, etc.


By doing this, the best lesson plans will be shared with a huge number of teachers all around the countries where they can access internet. This competition is at low cost but high coverage and high effectiveness.


Education and Times Newspaper, Ministry of Education and Training

Status: Finished

Location: Ha Noi, Quang Ninh, Hai Phong, Hue, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh city

Sustainable development themes:

Citizen participation and good governance

Target groups:

Media, Teachers, Government officers, School students

Outputs and final outcomes of the ESD activities.

11 best lesson plans were selected among 705 entries. All of them promoted maximum participation of pupils.

The Education & Times Newspaper and MOET will produce a DVD with the best entries and they reserved 2,500 US$ of their own budget for this. These DVDs will be delivered to all DOETs of 64 provinces and cities of Vietnam. This means with a limited budget, the final products of project can be shared with a great number of beneficiaries who are teachers and schools in the whole country.

There has been a lot of advocacy for teaching on HIV. Thanks to the competition aspect there was a lot of media attention. At the same time, some media was sensitized for the HIV and education issue. VTV1 wishes to produce a longer and more intensive report on HIV education and asked for our cooperation.

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