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Key contact person(s): Nguyen Nguyet Minh

General information of the project and program which have ESD related activities:

Name: System of Rice Intensification – Advancing small rice farmers in Vietnam

Goals and objectives:

The right of poor rice farmers in  North Vietnam to pursue their chosen livelihood is realized and is protected by an enabling environment that ensures equitable access to resources and markets.

1. The poor, small rice farmers and local, technical staff in targeted areas of the Lower Mekong Basin, with increased capacities and support, will

  • actively involve in developing suitable applied technologies and concepts such as SRI, adapt and improve their agricultural production; and
  • gain benefits from those innovations through higher income and improved ecological systems.


2. The poor and small rice farmers in targeted areas of North Vietnam will have increased capacities to improve their collaboration, networking and communal cohesion. Key selected areas include:

  • Enhanced woman’s economic leadership through a better-recognized role and contribution
  • Improved exchanges of lessons and practices in rice cultivation, sharing market information, and innovative applications
  • Increased interactive communication within and between members, farmers groups, clubs and cooperatives


3. Improved knowledge base and mechanisms supporting small farmers in Mekong region to advance appropriate policies concerning rice sub-sector and rural development. This involves building platform to establish and facilitate a regional SRI learning network, undertaking relevant studies, documentation of the experience, lessons in different context, conditions and levels to facilitate sharing SRI-related information between relevant actors at various levels, including group/ community level, provincial / program level, national level and Mekong regional level.

Donor(s) Oxfam America, Oxfam Quebec

ESD programs/ projects/activities


Name: Training local technical officers and farmers in SRI


  • To train local officers and farmers in SRI – a solution for sustainable rice cultivation (saving water and reducing chemicals and herbicide, reducing CH4 emission)
  • To raise awareness of environmental issues for rice farming

Describe educational and learning methods/tools applied:

– Farmer Field School

– Develop training materials on SRI

– Train farmers to become “ SRI farmer – lecturer”

– Organize contests on “Weeding tool” , “Best SRI farmers” to promote sustainable rice farming instead of abusing chemicals and herbicide

– Awareness raising for farmers on environmental issues


– Provincial Department of Agricultural and Rural Development

– Provincial Sub-department of Plant Protection

– Local governments and farmers in Nghe An and Ha Tinh

Status: ongoing

Location: Can Loc (Ha Tinh) and Nam Dan (Nghe An)

Sustainable development themes:

Sustainable production/consumption, Poverty reduction, Climate change, Natural resources management.

Target groups:

Government officers, Local people

Outputs and final outcomes of the ESD activities.

  • 10 Farmer Field School organized in 10 communes
  • 300 farmers trained to become “SRI farmer – trainers”
  • Leaflets on SRI distributed, News on SRI posted via loudspeakers, local and national newspapers and TV
  • “Weeding tool” , “Best SRI farmers” contests organised once a year at commune and national level to promote sustainable rice farming instead of abusing chemicals and herbicid)
  • 15,000 households in Nghe An and Ha Tinh applied SRI by 2010