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Key contact person(s): Ms. DO HANH NGA, NGUYEN THI THANH HANG

General information of the project and program which have ESD related activities: Name: Including ESD in new Industrial organizational psychological curriculumGoals and objectives: The project will include sustainable development in new industrial psychological curriculum for fourth year students from department of psychology in USSH and Van Hien University in Hochiminh City.Donor(s): None

ESD programs/ projects/activities
Name: Strengthened sustainable development in new industrial organizational psychological curriculum.Objectives: Modified Curriculum (with one syllabus) which is more logical, by reducing the old and unnecessary knowledge, and adding knowledge of SD.Psychological skills supplied that meet the needs of the stakeholdersDescribe educational and learning methods/tools applied: Develop materials on sustainable development themes like: Natural resources mangement, Citizen paticipation and good governance, sustainable urbanization, and sustainable production/ consumption.

  • Teaching students by requiring them doing projects on Industrial Organizational Psychology and ESD.
  • Developing students psychological skills on recruiting new workers, organizing training courses, leadership management…

Stakeholders: Students at USSH and Van Hien University, The Staff of Department of Psychology, the employers (government and non-government)

Status: Ongoing

Location: Ho Chi Minh City

Sustainable development themes:
  • Natural resources management
  • Citizen participation and good governance
  • Sustainable urbanization
  • Sustainable production/consumption,
Target groups:
  • Local people
  • Government officers
  • Public audience
  • Youths/volunteers
  • Private sector
Outputs and final outcomes of the ESD activities.
  • Student’s projects of I/O Psychology and ESD
  • Training materials  of  ESD
  • Students’final  tests of I/O Psychology including ESD