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Key contact person(s): Nguyen Ngoc Thang

General information of the project and program which have ESD related activities: Name: Biodiversity education in lower secondary schools of Vietnam 

Goals and objectives: Contribute to biodiversity conservation through increasing the knowledge and understanding of school children about biological diversity and building their skills to take positive action to conserve the country’s natural heritage. 

The project’s two main objectives are: 

  1. Create child-centered standardized training materials for national use in teacher training universities/colleges and throughout rural and urban lower secondary schools in Vietnam.
  2. Develop and enhance the capacity of teachers and institutions to deliver child-centered programs on biodiversity conservation education in lower secondary schools                            

Donor(s): WWF International


ESD programs/ projects/activities  Name: Training courses on Environmental Education (EE) for teachers in lower secondary schools, staff in national parks, natural reserves through Vietnam 

Objectives: To equip knowledge of EE, EE approach; to build up capacities of teachers, staff in designing and running EE activities with students, communities; to raise awareness of local communities, staff and teachers on environmental issues and ways to confront

Describe educational and learning methods/tools applied: Learner Centre Training Methods (LCTM) have been applied for such training courses

Stakeholders: Ministry of Education and Training, Hanoi DOET, Hue DOET, Ninh Thuan DOET, 6 lower secondary schools in Hanoi, Hue and Ninh Thuan, 3 teacher training colleges in these provinces

Status: Ongoing

Location: Hue, Hanoi and Ninh Thuan

Sustainable development themes:
  • Natural resources management (water, forest, agriculture, biodiversity)
  • Disaster prevention and mitigation
  • Climate change
Target groups:
  • School students
  • Teachers
  • Gorvernment officers
Outputs and final outcomes of the ESD activities. Technical report of EE training in Ninh Thuan