Organization information The Centre for Marinelife Conservation and Community Development (MCD)

Add: Suite 1605, Level 16, Block B, Building M3-M4, 91A Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, Dong Da, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel: +84 4 6 275 2106

Fax: +84 4 6 275 2107



Key contact person(s): Ms. Nguyen Thu Hue

General information of the project and program which have ESD related activities: Name: Supporting poor Vietnamese coastal communities in advancing sustainable livelihoods and conserving the environment

Overall Objective: To ensure long-lasting, sustainable and improved livelihoods for millions of poor Vietnamese depending on coastal wetland and coral reef resources.

Specific Objective: The establishment of more socially just, economically viable and ecologically sound coastal resources management practices in Vietnam by 2011.

Donor(s): European Union (EU)

ESD programs/ projects/activities

Name: Activity: Promote media campaigns: print, broadcast, internet, MCD/community publications, to increase public, government, international awareness, improve coastal practices

Objectives: By 2011, project experiences, lessons learnt,  and recommendations from pilot projects are included in other ongoing coastal resource management projects and are referred to in media reports and in governmental guidelines

Describe educational and learning methods/tools applied:

  • Produce training materials and publications on environmental educations for target groups in term of communications.
  • Organize drawing contestes, gameshow named “Understanding the value of fisheries resources and Read River Delta Biosphere Reserve” for students, local community in 3 project sites
  • Carry out a volunteer program in Vietnam and cooperate with Singaporean students to build library and design mobile education exhibition.
  • Awareness-raising programs on national and local media: radio, TV, newspapers

Stakeholders: National and local media agencies, local community and authority, government agencies, international and local NGOs, other civil society organisations

Status: Ongoing

Location: Khanh Hoa, Thai Binh, Nam Dinh

Sustainable development themes:
  • Natural resources management
  • Climate change
  • Energy management
  • Citizen participation and good governance
  • Poverty reduction
  • Sustainable production/consumption,
Target groups:
  • School students
  • Teachers
  • Local people
  • Government officers
  • Public audience
  • Youths/volunteers
  • Civil society and NGOs
  • Media
  • Private sector
Outputs and final outcomes of the ESD activities.
  • Community Learning Centres in 3 project sites are developed with  legal and operational status and are the place for environmental education and ecotourism site.
  • Community Learning Centre in 3 sites are trained.
  • MCD participation and presentation in national and international forums and meetings providing insights on coastal community challenges, and related advice and recommendations
  • 08 issue campaigns is held  each on a selected issue/challenge
  • Supporting media products for issue campaigns: 8 issue briefs, 8 brochures/flyers, 8 posters, 16 newsletter issues, weekly updated website, 1 video, 8 radio shows, 1 project brochure
  • Convene networking and visibility events as media launches 08 local coastal stakeholder networking meetings of local and international aquatic conservation and development groups in Vietnam.