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Key contact person(s): Ho Thi Nga

General information of the project and program which have ESD related activities: Name: BUILDING THE CULTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS FOR STUDENTS IN HATINH UNIVERSITY

Goals and objectives: The Project will build the friendly and cultural environment for student through providing them general knowledge about culture from another countries, heplping them to get in touch to the national culture and local culture values


ESD programs/ projects/activities Name: Cultural and environmental tour for students to the scapes in the province.


  • To raise awareness of cutural values for students who are tending to go far from the traditional cultural values now.
  • To give students an oppotunity to see directly the cutural values in their homeland and understand more about the life here.
  • To direct students to live in a morden life with the awarenness to preserve the cutural values.
  • Give them a chance to see the environment situations now in their homeland and motivate the critical thinking from them.
  • Self-Student education.

Describe educational and learning methods/tools applied:

  • Inviting the famous speakers to talk about the cultural and environmental problems
  • Organize seminars in the department for students to talk about their ideas.
  • Set a cultural Club for the student-speakers
  • Organize good talks between Students and the local cultural areas.
  • Public talks.
  • “Do it and you’ll see”

Stakeholders: Hatinh University, Departments, Youth’s organization leaders, People’s committees in the districts, towns

Status: Planned

Location: Hatinh University, Hatinh province: 12 districts and towns

Sustainable development themes:
Natural resources management, Energy management, Citizen participation and good governance, Poverty reduction, Sustainable urbanization, Sustainable production/consumption, preserving the cultural values in the local areas, Human resources management
Target groups: School students, Teachers, Local people, Government officers, Youths/volunteers, Civil society and NGOs, Media, Private sector
Outputs and final outcomes of the ESD activities.
  • 80% cultural and environmental places in Hatinh will be visited
  • 200 students participate on 10 tours.
  • 200 key students take part in ” Cultural Club for the student-speakers”
  • 5 sets of Students magazines with the Students’ critical thinking of cultural and environmental problem articles.
  • The systems of books, magazines about the culture and environment of Vietnam, Hatinh and also of the foreign countries which will help them to get knowledge comparing with the present local context.