Welcome to the webblog on Education for Sustainable Development in Vietnam (ESDVietnam).

Let’s Go Green: An ESD training event for volunteers supported by Toyota.

The ESDVietnam webblog was established in 2008 through an ESD mapping supported by UNESCO Hanoi, and the study on project level was conducted by Ms Do Van Nguyet and colleagues in Live and Learn for Environment and Community (www.livelearn.org).

The mapping in late 2008 explored existing policies, strategies and ongoing and planned initiatives, existing structures, projects, organizations, institutes and key individuals promoting and implementing ESD

The webblog is an idea to:

  • Share information, resources and experiences within and between initiatives, projects, programs,  organisations and individuals promoting and implementing ESD
  • Promote and strengthen the ESD learning process, network, cooperation and development in Vietnam

Not simply to know ESD: Who do What in Vietnam in a report, we would like to make this information open for sharing and strongly encourage everyone to contribute to the ESD webblog.

The webblog is under on-going construction, further information will be weekly updated. Any comment and idea please send to: esdvietnam@gmail.com or vietnam@livelearn.org.


Photo: http://gogreen.com.vn